Dylan and Riley Slack Fund

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The fact of the matter is, Riley is suffering from a rare, incurable genetic disease which modern medicine can currently only offer treatment to partially alleviate symptoms but can not offer a cure or even a way to slow progression. Research and funding are scarce due mainly to the fact that A-T is a rare, difficult to diagnose, ‘orphan’ disease, meaning it is not associated or caused by any other factors. Thus, there is little outside aid or support available for parents or patients with A-T.
Up to this point the Slacks who have a strong sense of self-reliance have waged their private battle with the support of a loving family and covered all medical costs with their own income.

Dylan’s health incurred ever increasing medical expenses and Riley is age two when symptoms or her disease will emerge more rapidly, the Slacks have consented to allow family and friends to tell their story and reach out to the community at large for their sympathy and support. Part of that process has been setting up an account for donations to help the family manage the mounting cost of medical bills.

Donations can be made to the Dylan and Riley Slack Fund at America First Credit Union located at 1189 East 700 South in St. George or by calling 435-688-3800.

If you are not a member, a money wire can be done for a fee or a check can be sent to America First CU, PO Box 9199, Ogden, UT 84409 with a note saying it is for "Dylan and Riley Slack Fund."

The love you hold for your own children whether as a parent, grandparent, friend or neighbor can give you some insight into the unimaginable prospect of watching someone so young and innocent battling against so many obstacles and the unrelenting prognosis of an incurable, degenerative disease. As friends and family of Ryan, Stephanie, Dylan, and Riley, we ask you to help this courageous and amazing family with your monetary donations in the fight of Riley's life.

Thank you.