Saturday, February 6, 2010

Riley Joy Slack

Riley had a rough start in life, spending 12 days in NICU at the hospital here in St. George, UT. The nurse was right when she told Stephanie and her mom that once she learns to eat, there will be no stopping her. Well that is true 15 months later and still going strong. She will try most everything and will let you know if there is a dislike...yes, she spits it out. She learned quickly that food goes in her mouth faster if she uses both hands!! You should see her in action!
Oh no, Grandma found me!

Play-ing with Uncle Ben!!!

Swimming at the pool, or rather napping in the pool is one of Riley's favorite things to do in the summer!


  1. Stephanie & Ryan,

    Dylan & Riley are such precious gifts from GOD! Know that Mon Oncle Carl & I are lifting you all before the throne of grace.

    Sending our LOVE and lots of HUGS your way!!!
    Tante Vicky